An alumnus…

of the Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad. And a proud one at that!

After I got into IIMA, I wrote the following blog post:

Hundreds of years before Billy Shakespeare wrote :” To B or not to B”:            the Great Aristotle uttered the greatest truth in the world:“A is A”.

And Ahmedabad is 53 meters (171 ft) above C level.

I still stand by it: A really truly is A.

Media and IIMA

The 1.44 crore salary story is a perfect example of CreativeET!

A complete lie, that can be exposed without recourse to much else than common sense! I wonder how low these media people will stoop to to sell a few more newspapers. A comment on that article on the ET website has been blocked. IIMA’s official statement regarding this matter was never carried in any newspaper (and ET completely ignored it). Their justification of “Right to Information” is pure BULLSHIT! People have the “right to CORRECT information”.

One reason I dropped EPETMC course in term 6: it had Ethics and Mass Communication in the same line. The experiences I had as coordinator of Media Relations means I have lost respect for most of the reporters.

More on life at the end of my IIMA stay on this blog later. Sort of getting senti (but then I started getting senti at the beginning of term 5 itself!)

These are my personal views and not that of IIMA or the Media Cell on campus. They do work to improve relations with the media and help project the best image of IIMA.

Placement time- full of Black swans and Black deeds!!

It is placement time at IIMA and I figured out today that Lightning does strike the same place twice – that too in the same day (in fact within two hours). With randomness reaching a peak in the shortlisting process, I thought I had seen it all.

Then two Indian i-banks, one which calls itself the leading Indian investment bank and “Dollar-Vodka” Capital, woke me from my peaceful slumber to tell me I had an extended shortlist for their interviews. I rushed to IMDC (where the placements happen) mentally preparing myself for this sudden development. What followed is inexplicable unprofessionalism- I was made to wait there with 4-5 other students while the banks pondered over the offers they wanted to make.

Then, without interviewing anyone on this extended shortlist, they LEFT! While I can understand if they left once they had their fair share of candidates, I do not understand the utter lack of decency in telling someone they want to interview them and then leaving without seeing even my face. I realize that this job scenario is somewhat in their favour, but such behaviour just goes to create rancor.

I only wish that some time in the near future, the job scenario improves and the student community is able to treat them as ‘well’ as they are treating them now.

Writer’s block

Had an exam recently on Corporate Tax Planning and one thing I noticed was how unnatural it felt to write. I have got used to typing endlessly on the keyboard, but it was disturbing to find writing, especially with a wonderful pen like the Pilot V-Pen, uncomfortable.

I have made up my mind to write more, on this blog and on paper. There is something about writing on paper that cannot be matched by typing on a keyboard. It is the same with reading a book rather than an e-book. It might be cost-effective, but there is a ‘romance’ in being able to curl up with a gripping book!

Here’s to more blogging and more writing. There are a few more topics in mind that I will write about soon.

P.S: This blog was written out in long hand on pen and paper before being transcribed. I love it! Also keeps the posts short.

1 billion for 1 billion

Samrat made a presentation on the World Food Programme in the Managerial Communications class and it was impressive.

I would like to think they are doing good work, work that actually makes a difference.

I have a link on the sidebar where sponsors give money if you perform some activities.

I’d much rather feed real people than digital ones on Farmville.

Also, check out World Food Programme.

Placements at IIMA

310 students, 4 days…a hell of an effort by the Placecom.
Congratulations to the PGP1s and to Placecom. IIMA placement committee has been ranked Numero Uno by the Economist and it is entirely deserved.

4 night outs for me, working in stationery…a better idea of how far I can go without breaking down. I have no intention of doing this any time soon again.

Got quoted in TOI and had people calling up to congratulate. It probably wasn’t as big a thing as they thought it might be. I was mentioned in one of the press reports that were sent out. It was a nice feeling nonetheless. Thank you all!!

All the world’s a stage

I am acting in a play produced by IIMACTS (IIM Ahmedabad Theatrical and Cultural Society) called ‘Badi buaji…baap re baap’.
It’s been a fun month of practice, some tempers flaring and two days of performing at Natarani, the theatre owned by Mallika Sarabhai, herself PGP 74.
And I got the greatest kick out of being applauded by the audience for my performance, a 2 bit role but a vital one.
The entire team of 30 has worked hard and everyone will be mighty pleased when this play successfully completes 3 shows Oct. 2,3 and 4.

Thoughts from an alumnus

Harsha Bhogle, famous cricket commentator and quizmaster on ESPN, is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. Recently saw a video of his, of a talk he gave in the auditorium on campus.

Had many wonderful thoughts: why live life like its a 100 m race? Why get into a job thinking about exit options and early retirements?
He says, “If you choose your first job based on the salary it offers, you might be making a mistake. Choose a career, that is what you came to (or should ideally come to) IIMA for.” Maybe someday, when the day zero fever subsides and the media stops blaring the crore-plus salaries, maybe then some of us might get some of this perspective.
To end the talk he recited 4 lines of his (and my) favourite Urdu poetry:

ख़ुद ही को कर बुलंद इतना
की हर तकदीर से पहले ,
खुदा बन्दे से ख़ुद पूछे,
बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है?”

Dobaara mat poochna

Placement season brings a media frenzy to the IIMs…and ‘leaked’ reports that misrepresent the fact in both directions.
This is a blog by someone from IIMB about the reaction of an IIM grad to the way people behave with you these days.

The moral of the story: If you’ve asked someone from an IIM his/her salary or placement details etc. DOBAARA MAT POOCHNA!!

Isn’t summer over??

The thing about growing up in Mumbai is that you assume summer’s over once the rains come down…it ‘drizzled’ in Ahmedabad a couple of times last week and has gone back to mid 40s celsius with high humidity. It truly is hot as hell.

On other things, have been taking a lot of interactions for Beta…media cell will be coming up soon.
It promises to be taxing. But then only 2 midsems! The academic pressure of PGP 1 is nowhere to be seen.

More on tuchchadom at WIMWI to come