Placement time- full of Black swans and Black deeds!!

It is placement time at IIMA and I figured out today that Lightning does strike the same place twice – that too in the same day (in fact within two hours). With randomness reaching a peak in the shortlisting process, I thought I had seen it all.

Then two Indian i-banks, one which calls itself the leading Indian investment bank and “Dollar-Vodka” Capital, woke me from my peaceful slumber to tell me I had an extended shortlist for their interviews. I rushed to IMDC (where the placements happen) mentally preparing myself for this sudden development. What followed is inexplicable unprofessionalism- I was made to wait there with 4-5 other students while the banks pondered over the offers they wanted to make.

Then, without interviewing anyone on this extended shortlist, they LEFT! While I can understand if they left once they had their fair share of candidates, I do not understand the utter lack of decency in telling someone they want to interview them and then leaving without seeing even my face. I realize that this job scenario is somewhat in their favour, but such behaviour just goes to create rancor.

I only wish that some time in the near future, the job scenario improves and the student community is able to treat them as ‘well’ as they are treating them now.


3 responses to “Placement time- full of Black swans and Black deeds!!

  1. The sad part is that they get away without any apologies or repercussions whatsoever.

  2. I agree. It’s one thing to face the disappointment of not having a short list. It’s another to give someone hope by saying they have an extended short list; and then, to make them wait for hours, and finally say, no thank you! If they were confident of filling their vacancies with the people in the first short list, why the hell should they issue a second one! Blah!

  3. The only thing common between ‘Placements’ and ‘Professionalism’ is the letter ‘P’. I have seen some bizzare (and needless to say unprofessional) things happen both during 2009 summers and now in 2010 too.
    Do you remember the article that we read as part of EEP in PGP-1? I quote – “You’re trying to interfere with a free market, and eventually the market must win”. Our placement process is literally fighting the market (though it is undoubtedly a market maker too).

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