Writer’s block

Had an exam recently on Corporate Tax Planning and one thing I noticed was how unnatural it felt to write. I have got used to typing endlessly on the keyboard, but it was disturbing to find writing, especially with a wonderful pen like the Pilot V-Pen, uncomfortable.

I have made up my mind to write more, on this blog and on paper. There is something about writing on paper that cannot be matched by typing on a keyboard. It is the same with reading a book rather than an e-book. It might be cost-effective, but there is a ‘romance’ in being able to curl up with a gripping book!

Here’s to more blogging and more writing. There are a few more topics in mind that I will write about soon.

P.S: This blog was written out in long hand on pen and paper before being transcribed. I love it! Also keeps the posts short.


3 responses to “Writer’s block

  1. Hrisheekesh Sabnis

    FS! Putting pen to paper wins “hands down” over putting fingers to keyboard! 😛

  2. I totally agree! I hate, detest, abhor reading e-books ! There is real romance in curling up with a book, that staring at a lcd monitor can never achieve! And, writing – ah, well, the feel of pen on paper, the ‘penning’ of thoughts that keep flowing into your mind – is just so natural ! Here’s to more writing and reading, in the actual sense of the words!

  3. Writing with a pen has a more “real” feel to it no doubt but it reduces the size of your posts! My fingers start paining after writing a page or two, but I can go on typing forever.

    And yes, books win over e-books any day!! Curling up under a blanket and reading that novel with the sound of raindrops falling outside.. bliss!! 🙂

    By the way, have you stopped writing on http://nissimnabar.wordpress.com/ permanently?

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