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Media and IIMA

The 1.44 crore salary story is a perfect example of CreativeET!

A complete lie, that can be exposed without recourse to much else than common sense! I wonder how low these media people will stoop to to sell a few more newspapers. A comment on that article on the ET website has been blocked. IIMA’s official statement regarding this matter was never carried in any newspaper (and ET completely ignored it). Their justification of “Right to Information” is pure BULLSHIT! People have the “right to CORRECT information”.

One reason I dropped EPETMC course in term 6: it had Ethics and Mass Communication in the same line. The experiences I had as coordinator of Media Relations means I have lost respect for most of the reporters.

More on life at the end of my IIMA stay on this blog later. Sort of getting senti (but then I started getting senti at the beginning of term 5 itself!)

These are my personal views and not that of IIMA or the Media Cell on campus. They do work to improve relations with the media and help project the best image of IIMA.