Thoughts from an alumnus

Harsha Bhogle, famous cricket commentator and quizmaster on ESPN, is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. Recently saw a video of his, of a talk he gave in the auditorium on campus.

Had many wonderful thoughts: why live life like its a 100 m race? Why get into a job thinking about exit options and early retirements?
He says, “If you choose your first job based on the salary it offers, you might be making a mistake. Choose a career, that is what you came to (or should ideally come to) IIMA for.” Maybe someday, when the day zero fever subsides and the media stops blaring the crore-plus salaries, maybe then some of us might get some of this perspective.
To end the talk he recited 4 lines of his (and my) favourite Urdu poetry:

ख़ुद ही को कर बुलंद इतना
की हर तकदीर से पहले ,
खुदा बन्दे से ख़ुद पूछे,
बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है?”


Dobaara mat poochna

Placement season brings a media frenzy to the IIMs…and ‘leaked’ reports that misrepresent the fact in both directions.
This is a blog by someone from IIMB about the reaction of an IIM grad to the way people behave with you these days.

The moral of the story: If you’ve asked someone from an IIM his/her salary or placement details etc. DOBAARA MAT POOCHNA!!

Isn’t summer over??

The thing about growing up in Mumbai is that you assume summer’s over once the rains come down…it ‘drizzled’ in Ahmedabad a couple of times last week and has gone back to mid 40s celsius with high humidity. It truly is hot as hell.

On other things, have been taking a lot of interactions for Beta…media cell will be coming up soon.
It promises to be taxing. But then only 2 midsems! The academic pressure of PGP 1 is nowhere to be seen.

More on tuchchadom at WIMWI to come

A second beginning

Beginning the second year at IIMA…classes in the old campus…different study groups for each elective…a new batch of fachchas.
The almost ‘animal’ exhilaration of screaming Muggo Fachchon Muggo.
Our tuchchas are gone…much has changed.
Hope to be more regular in posting on this blog.

Food for thought…

Read these words while surfing the net today… 

But he was at Wharton now, where perception is reality, return on investment is all that counts, and the only fires worth putting out are the sparks inside ourselves.

Can/should we replace Wharton by WIMWI?

The Final Countdown….

About 500 classes,
almost 50 exams,
innumerable quizzes and cases
this is what it has come down to.

4 days,
7 papers,
. the first year at IIM A is about to end.
Might blog between the exams…else, see you at the finish line.
This does express how most, if not all of us, might feel 4 days from now.

“The last few days, I felt like a prisoner of war, inching towards the border inch by inch. Today is the moment when I’ve just crossed that line, the line which represents liberation. Freedom !”