WAC-ked out!!

WAC stands for Written Analysis and Communication…a course where we read, write and most importantly run.
It could be a case analysis or an article on an industry, we must write it up and submit hard copies in class between 3:45 and 4:30 on a Saturday evening. If you are a minute late, you lose a subgrade- this leads us CG-centered WIMWIans to run our unfit backsides off to reach class in time.

Why don’t we start early enough to not have to run you ask… because whether it is WAC or OM…
we believe in ‘Just In Time’!!


4 responses to “WAC-ked out!!

  1. Run, Rabbit, Run ! 🙂

  2. what a loser.. i’m glad i dont know him

  3. Dude, you haven’t enjoyed the first year in WIMWI if you did not do a wac run!!!

  4. WAC run! I want them back!

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