Khalbali at WIMWI

Chaos reigned at IIM A as we had 4 days of Khalbali. It started with a performance by Pt.
Hariprasad Chaurasia, who entertained us by informing us that he became a flautist only after he did not get into IIMA. Aren’t we happy the selection procedure is as tough as it is, for it ‘weeded out’ India’s greatest flautist.
The next two days had all kinds of activities going on, including an excellent quiz by Diwakar Pingle.

Aside: The authorities had threatened to have classes during Chaos, and I had the idea to post a notice at the mess , “Quiz at 2.30 in RJMCEI”. That strikes fear in the heart of every i-banker and consultant in WIMWI land.

There was an interesting reunion of 5 Somaiya people in IIMA, though 2-3 others missed it.
Mohit Chauhan (of Masakali fame) was the final pronite artist and he did a good job of closing Chaos 2009.

Chitranshu (Matty) is the Chaos 2010 co-ord and we can look forward to another version of the same well-managed madness.


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