The Cheetah and the Elephant

One thing that WIMWI practically guarantees is world-class faculty. These people who could have made big bucks in the industry (some have I guess) teach us for what would be peanuts in comparison…reason:Unknown ( my guess is something called passion).


Operations Management is a subject that’s started in slot 3 and will continue till the end of the year. We are taught by Saralda (Prof Saral Mukherjee). I won’t say I appreciate everything about the subject but one thing definitely stands out in Saralda’s class … his passion for the subject. When he speaks about the assembly line or the process flow diagram or Little’s theorem, the esteem he holds his subject in and how much he loves it comes shining through.
The metaphor of the cheetah and the elephant as kinds of organizations and operations took my breath away. He has the authority to tell 80 CAT-cracking superachievers “This is why we teach…hope…hope that ONE of you may understand what operations management truly is.”
Today he showed a clip of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times to bring out the difference between an assembly line in the past and modern ones. 
Hats off to you Sir…will be in awe of your passion and hope I can achieve something like that at some stage of my life.

One response to “The Cheetah and the Elephant

  1. The part about peanuts isn’t correct I think… most of the Bschool faculty make big bucks in consulting and corporate training…

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